charging solutions

Ideal, when you are on the move

The SWIO charging card allows you to charge your car at all public charging points in Luxembourg and throughout Europe.

100% flexible

Charge your car at public charging solutions in Luxembourg and across Europe. Find the desired charging station and let us guide you directly to it.


View costs per kWh, maximum charging power and charging station availability in real time in the app. There is no basic subscription fee to use the app. You only pay for what you actually use.

Easy to use

Create your account in a few minutes and start your recharge through the application or with your personal SWIO card.

our app

SWIO Charge

  • Find all available public charging points and current prices at stations
  • View the availability and operating status of the charging stations in real time
  • View the power and therefore the charging time for your electric vehicle
  • Start the charging process via the application
  • you can view electricity consumption at any time