The SWIO Pro is suitable for all customers for whom a single charging station is insufficient and who have higher demands on the functionality of a charging station.

Single family home

Residential building

External installation

Access control

Charging cable

Web interface

Compatible with PV

from €1,549.99

Receive up to €1.250 in government subsidies


Charging power = up to 22 kW
Charging equipment = charging cable up to 7 m
Authorisation = PIN & RFID
Communication = OCPP 1.6 SOAP&JSON
OCPP 2.0 JSON (upcoming), Modbus TCP
Connectivity = ethernet, LTE
Load management = static and dynamic
Clustering = up to 500 charging points
Load shedding function = Yes
Load shedding function = X
Energy meter = X
User interface + LED status indicator

Energy meter = MID energy meter
User interface + LED status indicator, web interface
Protection level = IP 56, IK 10
Electric fuse = RCD type A + DC 6 mA fault current sensors
EV communication = IEC61851, IEC 15118 ready
Materials = aluminium housing, polycarbonate and lexan cover plate
Colour = graphite grey